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  | pool = [[boir:Angel Room|Angel Room]]
  | pool = [[boir:Angel Room|Angel Room]]
  | recharge = 2
  | recharge = 2
  | unlockedby = Defeat Isaac as Bethany
  | unlockedby = Book Of Virtues

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Book Of Virtues
Book Of Virtues Icon.png
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Spiritual Companionship
Recharge Time
Item Pool
Angel Room
Unlock Method
Book Of Virtues Defeat Isaac as Bethany.

Book Of Virtues is an active item. Bethany starts with this item.


  • Summons an orbiting wisp familiar that fires spectral tears, deals contact damage to enemies, and blocks enemy shots.
    • Wisps can take two hits before they are destroyed.
    • A maximum of 16 wisps can be active at once: one inner ring of eight and an outer ring of eight.
    • Using the item while at the maximum number of wisps regenerates three random wisps that have been hit.
  • Increases the chance of finding Angel Rooms while held (they will be around three times as likely to spawn as Devil Rooms).
    • Also allows for the first Devil Room to be replaced by an Angel Deal.
    • The effect is lost after a Devil Deal is taken.
    • The overall chance for these rooms to appear will be significantly higher than usual.


  • Book of Virtues has a special effect with Bethany, as the colors of soul hearts are tracked and used as energy for activated collectibles.
    • When regularly charged or a soul heart is consumed, a blue wisp is created.
    • If a black heart is consumed, it will create a black wisp that fires a tears that can inflict fear.
    • If a black heart is consumed, the standard effect of damaging the enemies in the room will occur.
    • White hearts create a white wisp that regenerates after a room is cleared. If the white wisp is fully regenerated, it will regenerate one existing wisp. If all wisps are fully regenerated, it will spawn a new blue wisp. The tears fired by white wisps also have the Lost Contact effect.
  • Wisps take no damage from lasers, brimstone, or explosions, and do not protect the player from any of these.


In-game Footage


  • This item originated from the Binding of Isaac: Community Remix mod. However, it gave a random item effect on a 6 room recharge instead of its current effect.